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Dr. Matt Lowe, DC CCSP®
Dr. Matt Lowe, DC CCSP®

Dr. Matt Lowe’s extensive knowledge of the human body, combined with his experience as a world-class athlete allows him to provide his patients with the most advanced and integrative approach to treating injuries and improving sports performance. Throughout his chiropractic career, he has treated active individuals as well as professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, PGA, NCAA and the U.S. Olympic Team.

While he works mainly with athletes and associated secondary conditions, Dr. Matt is also trained in prenatal chiropractic care. With the changes that occur in a woman’s body pre and post-partum, it is essential for women to receive chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy to ensure proper alignment of the spine and maximal function of the nervous system. His mission is to provide the highest quality individualized treatment that yields the fastest results.


Dr. Matt was born and raised in Minot, ND, he earned his undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin and his Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX. Dr. Matt was a member of the University of Texas Men’s Swimming Team where he became a 2-time USA National Champion, 10-time NCAA All-American, 12-time Big 12 Champion in addition to competing in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

  • U.S.Olympic Committee High Performance Team

  • Certified Golf Injury Specialist

  • Certified Swim Technician

  • Chiropractic Adjustment

  • Upper Extremity Adjustments

  • Lower Extremity Adjustments

  • COX Flexion Distraction Technique

  • Active Release Practitioner

  • Fascial Distortion Model

  • Integrative Dry Needling

  • Certified Graston Technique

  • Functional Movement Taping

  • Extracorpeal Pulse Activation Therapy

  • Radial Shockwave Therapy

  • MyoFascial Acoustic Compression Therapy

  • Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

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