Reindeer Runs, Jingle Bell Jump, and More

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Reindeer Runs, Jingle Bell Jump, and More

Everyone is happy for a holiday break, but with school, sports practices and workout schedules on extended hiatus, many of us go from active participant to full-on couch potato for the duration of the season, seriously derailing the fitness progress we’ve made all year.   By staying active throughout the season, you’ll encourage healthy metabolism for the extra calories you’ll be consuming, relieve stress inherent in many holiday activities, and maintain the sports strengthening and conditioning you’ve worked so hard for.

There are many great and social ways to keep moving through the holidays.

  • Invite a friend or loved one to join you for a brisk walk, hike or holiday fun run.  Meet them at the gym for shooting hoops, cardio class or weight work. Finish up with coffee or a festive post-workout drink afterward.
  • Go shopping the old-fashioned way: on foot! Online buying is super convenient, but dashing through the malls with a friend is a great way to catch up while upping your step count. Grab a healthy lunch mid-day to rest tired feet and tally gifts bought.
  • Make it a family game (or competition!) by playing a friendly game of flag football or soccer outside.
  • Create themed daily activities for family sports conditioning.  Reindeer runs, Santa sit-ups, jingle bell jump roping, and holiday hula hooping can get everyone up and moving!

Of course, it is the holidays, so eat some sweet treats, watch some football (and maybe more than a few holiday movies) but remember to sprinkle some exercise onto your seasonal to-do list.

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