Pulsed Energy Technology (PEMF)

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PEMF Technology

Most Advanced PEMF

Dynamic Sports Medicine offers the strongest most advanced PEMF on the market and is the only provider in Austin with Pulsed Energy Technologies award-winning Pulsed Energy Replenisher (PER 2000 HD) which boosts energy, relieves pain and accelerates the healing process.

Many of our athletes and clients rely on the power of the PER 2000 HD to stimulate a sense of overall well-being, boost their immune system, increase their natural energy source and optimize their performance – at home, on the field or in the boardroom.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

PER 2000The Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 can potentially benefit everyone. It is safe, comfortable and effective, and the benefits are still being discovered. Many users rely on the power of the P.E.R. 2000 to stimulate a sense of overall wellbeing, boost their immune system, increase their natural energy source and optimize their performance. Other benefits include reducing muscle tension, improving tissue healing, reducing pain, increasing energy, slowing the development of arthritis, helping the body to detoxify,  improving the uptake of nutrients, reducing blood pressure, helping nerve function, helping liver function, balancing the acupuncture meridians, improving sleep, and making the soft tissues more flexible. Conditions that have responded favorably to (PEMF) include fractures, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, plantar fasciitis, neuropathies, hip degeneration, depression, poor sleep, shoulder pain/rotator cuff, sciatica and recovery from work/sports.

How It works

Dr. Oz on the Per 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

How Good Can You Be?2017-11-22T00:37:13+00:00

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy naturally gives your body’s cells the extra push they need to perform at peak capacity. Your body will deal with pain better, recover faster, and just plain function at a higher level. At Dynamic Sports Medicine our PEMF device is a must for every athlete who takes their career (and their performance) seriously. This unique therapeutic system delivers a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) right into your body’s cells. The chemical reactions in every cell in your body are stimulated by electrical signals, which give the energy they need to work more efficiently. The result is that your body performs better and you have more energy, endurance, and stamina on the field, on the court or in the pool.

Why should I choose the PER 2000?2017-11-22T00:37:03+00:00

With over 20 plus years of combined experience, the team at Pulsed Energy are truly considered experts in this technological field. Our unique loop applicators, special pulse discharge rate, PEMF expertise, consistent customer/technical support as well as unparalleled results are just a few of the reasons the PER is different from the other devices on the market. While other PEMF type products claim to be more powerful, more effective, or unique, the PER 2000 stands alone as THE most effective form of PEMF type technology in the world.

Is it new?2017-11-22T00:37:00+00:00

NO! This technology was around before our Great Grandparents! The evolution of PEMF, and “Energy Wellness” is based on Physicist Michael Faraday’s principle of Magnetic Induction. This was Studied by Jaques-Arsène d’Arsonval, understood and harnessed by Nikola Tesla, and then proven by Georges Lakhovsky, Antione Priore and Giovanni Dotto, the PEMF technology is responsible for the advent and use of many other technologies in the Health and Wellness field today. From Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation, to Laser or Sound Therapy, these great Scientists still have a large impact in today’s world.

Who can use it?2017-11-22T00:35:31+00:00

It seems just about everyone uses the PER 2000. Our users vary from Professional Athletes, Athletic Professionals, “Weekend Warriors”, Medical and rehabilitation facilities, Medical Practitioners, Home users, Veterinarians, Horses and other animals. Most importantly, everyday people like us who just feel rundown, fatigued, stressed out or exhausted always have a good reason for some “Energy Support” from the PER 2000.

*If you are pregnant, have a history of epileptic seizures, have active or diagnosed malignancies, or electronic implants, you are contraindicated from using the PER 2000.

How does it work?2017-11-22T00:36:57+00:00

The body is made up of millions of tiny electrical currents and impulses interacting throughout the cells. The energy from the PER 2000 is discharge into the loop applicators, and a strong, but brief electromagnetic field is created.  The energy is then safely induced into the user. Think of this process like “recharging the batteries inside of you”

Is it safe?2017-11-22T00:36:55+00:00

YES! There have been ZERO adverse reactions or events reported with the use of the PER 2000! In 30 plus years of  research, study, and mainstream use there have been no reported negative side effects with the use PEMF!

Is it just Electricity, like TENS or Electrical Stimulation?2017-11-22T00:35:13+00:00

NO! This is much safer and far less invasive than direct current ,electrical stimulation, or other electrical based modalities. Unlike those technologies, no electricity passes from the PER 2000 into the user. We know this because the PER 2000 is frequently used in and around water!

What is the PER 2000?2017-11-22T00:37:30+00:00

The PER 2000 is a specialized form of High Power, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Today’s Top Athletes Use Pulsed Energy Technologies

I’ve used Pulsed Energy Technologies for twelve years to help a number of injuries over my career. A lot of people know me for recovering from my injuries quickly, which is accredited to diet and cutting edge technologies. This is where Pulsed Energy comes into play.

          Terrell Owens, Retired NFL Superstar and Future Hall of Famer

Recently used the PER 2000 several times for a leg injury. It helped me quite a bit in the recover process. I think PEMF is a great way to help athletes and people get back in the game faster!

          Terence Newman, NFL Veteran, Minnesota Vikings

I played in 3 World Cups as well as professionally in 3 different countries. As a former professional athlete who had to retire early due to injury-when it’s over, you’re dealing with pain consistently. The one thing I can tell you is the PER 2000  has eliminated a lot of my pain.

          Eric Wynalda, US Soccer

I love that I have a unit that can travel with me everywhere. I’ll tell you what, the PER 2000 and PEMF has definitely made a difference. I am fascinated with the product Pulsed Energy Technologies has created, and truly stand behind its ability.

My stance on marketing is simple and organic. I give Pulsed Energy Technology genuine support, and that’s really the only way I operate.

          Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs Pitcher, 2015 Cy Young Award Winner

Get Back In The Game!

Ready to get back in the game? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a pain free and healthy life. Our doctors take great pride in helping achieve your goals and will ensure you recover faster and stronger from your injury.