Benefits of Regular Sports Therapy

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Benefits of Regular Sports Therapy

It’s that time of year when many of us are evaluating the progress and success of reaching goals we set back in January and defining how we can make lifestyle improvements in the New Year.  Hopefully being more physically fit continues to top your list of resolutions and if so, why not resolve to make sports therapy a part of your 2019 fitness routine?

Sports therapy is about ongoing body maintenance with the goal of optimizing athletic performance and resolving overuse injuries.

By regularly addressing body alignment issues and tending to potential points of injury in the early stages, sports medicine can dramatically reduce the aches and pains associated with being physically active and allow you to participate pain-free, both making your sport more enjoyable and reducing the likelihood of major injury down the line. 

Our sports therapy specialists are experts in physical function, with advanced knowledge of how the body moves and the identification of any restrictions and internal forces that may be impeding it. Detailed evaluation of posture and gait, as well as any nerve, muscle or joint imbalances allow us to customize a treatment plan designed to enhance flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance. Using a variety of hands-on techniques like chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, intramuscular stimulation and massage, we help athletes of every level up their game safely.

If you’re already dealing with an injury like tennis or golf elbow, head, neck or back pain, your personalized sports physical therapy plan will assess muscle function, range of motion and body alignment to identify and treat restrictions in muscles, ligaments and fascia to correct dysfunction. This assists in a quick but complete recovery. It also makes it possible to identify issues that led to the injury and could potentially cause re-injury.

As you kick off your healthy New Year, talk to us about achieving optimal body function for enhanced athletic performance through regular sports therapy.

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